Have you heard the buzz about Planet Bee?

Have you heard the buzz? Planet Bee Honey Farm & Honeymoon Meadery have achieved a Silver grading from Green Tourism Canada once again, and are very close to reaching Gold!

Having worked with bees since the 1960s, owner Ed Nowek understands that his business simply could not survive without a healthy environment for his bees to thrive in. Ed realized long ago that consuming honey products was not only great for health, but that bees were a key member of a functional ecosystem, and he needed to do everything in his power to educate the public about the importance of bees to agriculture, humans, and the environment.

So, in 1997 Ed opened Planet Bee Honey Farm in Armstrong, BC, later moving to the current location in Vernon, BC. Since its inception, Planet Bee has been a means for the Noweks to educate and promote the unsung hero, the honeybee. Using educational tours in addition to the sales of a wide selection of all-natural bee products at their farm, Ed and his family have helped to educate visitors from across British Columbia, Canada, and the world on the fascinating world of honeybees. Taosha has been especially dedicated to adapting Planet Bee’s marketing strategy to cater to enthusiastic Chinese visitors – helping spread the buzz across Asia about the amazing qualities of bees! Son James and daughter Olivia help oversee IT & Education and Marketing & Branding respectively, with the 2 generations working side-by-side in this family-operated business.

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